Going bananas for pudding

For so many of us the beginning of winter is an ongoing battle between wanting to stay in warming ourselves up with hot puddings in a face-stuffing frenzy of carbs and custard and trying to get ourselves looking fabulous for the little-black-dress party season. The two are, for the most part, not compatible. However, since my detox in September I’ve been trying to find some healthier ways to get the warm, content feeling you get from a winter pudding. And this recipe really couldn’t be simpler… Of course, it’s quite possible to ruin the good intentions of this recipe by covering it in custard!

Baked bananas


Bananas (one per person)

Ground cinnamon

Ground ginger

Brown sugar if you’re being naughty

Honey if you’re not being naughty


Place one banana on a piece of tin foil and cut in half up the length of the banana.

Open slightly and sprinkle a pinch of ginger, two pinches of cinnamon and drizzle with some honey or sprinkle with brown sugar, depending on how naughty you are being. Close the banana and wrap tightly in the tin foil, making a little parcel for the oven. Place on a baking tray and put in the oven (I put it on gas mark 5) for 20 minutes. Be careful when you take the parcels out of the oven and unwrap them as they’ll be very hot and possibly steamy. The good news is that these baked bananas are tasty enough to enjoy on their own – and they taste like such a treat!



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