German Doner Kebab – a not so dirty kebab experience

When you spend a busy weekend at the o2, specifically at the jam-packed Country to Country festival, there’s not much time to sit down and enjoy a meal. There are so many fast-food outlets and restaurants to choose from at the o2 but we had heard about a new place there called the German Doner Kebab.

A franchise with outlets not just across the UK but world-wide, we just had to see what they had to offer. We weren’t disappointed.

We were greeted by Afroza who was so friendly yet professional – and that’s something that really stood out – everyone was professional, clearly knew their role and did it quickly and got on fulfilling orders quietly. The operation we could see in the open kitchen was a fine representation of that well-known German efficiency. While the queues were long, the orders were taken and swiftly turned around.

So the service was great; was the food as good? Well, yes, I think it was. If you like a dirty kebab after a night out the chances are you’ll really like the food here. If you’re not so into your dirty kebabs you’ll most likely still really like the food. It really was like enjoying a ‘clean’ kebab.

They have a good choice on the menu – including vegetarian options which I hadn’t been expecting to see. But in 2022 you can’t really not have vegetarian options. I chose the kebab burger with chips and it was a welcome and filling feast during a long day on our feet.

Definitely a refreshing change from the usual options available!


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