Having my noodles and eating them!

One of the tricky bits about working with yummy food and cake all day long is the affect it has on my weight. And with summer approaching I’m trying to shake off those extra pounds I put on during winter. One of my favourite dinners I make is my salmon and roasted vegetable pasta. However, my good friend Claire introduced me to some noodles which are only 12 calories a packet. Surely this is too good to be true?!

Having tried them with a stir-fry last week I’ve decided that it’s not! While I’m a huge fan of fresh, home-cooked food there are times (such as this spring diet) when I think a packet of noodles is perfectly acceptable. Especially if it’s only 12 calories a packet!

The noodles come packed in a liquid that you should rinse off and once cooked I really couldn’t tell the difference between these noodles and the rice noodles I usually use. So I thought they’d be perfect with salmon and courgette for a healthy, diet-friendly meal!

I cooked the salmon fillets in the oven with a slice of lemon. I cut the courgettes with a julienne peeler and then dry fried them with finely chopped garlic. Once the courgettes were cooked I added cherry tomatoes which I’d halved, so that they could warm up and slightly cook from the heat in the pan. I then flaked the cooked salmon and added this, along with the noodles. Technically this meal serves two, but it’s just so good you might want to keep it all to yourself!

If you’d like to order the same 12 calorie noodles visit www.actibeautyclaire.com


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