Easy pasta; the ultimate in lazy girl meals

I’ve been so busy this week running from the shop out to parties or networking events with hardly a second to spare! So I’ve been reliant on my lazy girl menu for dinner ideas. One of my easiest – and quite frankly laziest – meals is my easy pasta and it can be made with almost anything that you have left over in the fridge.

I boiled a portion of pasta until it was al dente and set it aside. Then, in a non-stick frying pan (let’s face it, non-stick makes the washing up so much easier!) I cooked slices of some leftover chorizo I found in my fridge. Once cooked I removed the chorizo and added soft cheese to the oil left by the chorizo and heated it slowly until it was a tasty creamy sauce.

I always keep a jar of black olives in my fridge and so I halved some of these and added them, with the chorizo, to the creamy sauce. I then stirred in the pasta and transferred to a dish and devouring with a much-needed glass of red wine!

Easy pasta can be made with pretty much anything you have left over in the fridge – it just takes a bit of imagination and an adventurous spirit.

Note – I munched on carrot sticks while preparing the easy pasta to make sure the meal was somewhat balanced!


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